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  • Article
  • 09. Juni 2015
  • Use a Charter to Sustain a Successful Family Business and Build an Enduring Legacy
  • Jean-Werner de T’Serclaes, Luis Gravito, Sandro Marzo
  • A charter sets out values and codifies the rules, responsibilities, and obligations relating to a family’s ownership and management of its business. Although specific provisions must be tailored to any given family’s distinctive situation, philosophy, and culture, all charters should address a common set of issues.
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  • Focus
  • 27. Mai 2015
  • Developing Software at the Speed of the Cloud
  • David Mark, Mike Quinn, Saurabh Shah, Sanjay Verma
  • Cloud developers are revising the rules for writing software and breaking new barriers in releasing and updating code. Traditional software teams can learn a lot from cloud development teams about unleashing creativity and satisfying customers.
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  • Article
  • 01. Mai 2015
  • Insurance and Technology: The Disruptive Force of Insurance Ecosystems
  • Michaël Niddam, Jean-Christophe Gard, Jonathan Koopmans
  • New insurance-industry ecosystems, driven by digital technologies, could disrupt the industry, usher in noninsurance competitors, ¬¬and put unprepared insurers at risk, according to a report by BCG and Morgan Stanley Research. The new entrants—including Web businesses, car manufacturers, and utilities—could profit from deeper customer relationships and insights relative to incumbents.
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