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  • Perspective
  • 13. April 2016
  • Creating the Diverse Organization: How to Thrive in a Complex World
  • Hans-Paul Bürkner, Jeffrey Chua, Andrew Dyer, Carol Liao
  • Real life is not simple, but complex and even messy. It’s the same with business. Avoid watchwords like focus, streamline, and lean. Your company will only prosper in the long-term if you develop a truly diverse organization—one with a wide variety of people, organizational structures, and business models.
  • Article
  • 05. April 2016
  • A New Approach to Organization Design: Smart Design for Performance
  • Peter Tollman, Andrew Toma, Fabrice Roghé, Yves Morieux, Steve Maaseide, Eddy Tamboto, JinK Koike
  • Reorganization can boost company performance, but the results are often disappointing. A smart new approach dramatically increases the likelihood of success. Recognizing that company performance is determined above all by employees’ behaviors, it uses a variety of organizational levers to maximize the cooperation, engagement, and effectiveness of staff throughout the organization.
  • Focus
  • 07. März 2016
  • Postmerger Integration in Retail
  • Daniel Friedman, Cliff Drescher, Roger de Boer, Alexandra Brown
  • How to boost the odds that your M&A deal delivers the value you’re counting on? Start planning early for success—by setting a clear direction for the deal, ensuring business continuity on day one, accelerating synergy capture, mitigating culture wars, and managing the ripple effects spawned by interdependencies in the organization.


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