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  • Focus
  • 21. November 2016
  • How Frontline Leaders Can Deliver Breakout Performance
  • Vikram Bhalla, Deborah Lovich, Jean-Michel Caye, Christopher Daniel, Liza Stutts
  • Frontline managers can have a huge impact on their teams, on an organization's overall performance, and on customer satisfaction. Yet generally they are new to management—at the most significant career juncture they will ever face—and most companies fail to develop them effectively. A three-step program can help.
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  • Focus
  • 27. Oktober 2016
  • The Rewards of an Engaged Female Workforce
  • Matthew Krentz, Claire Tracey, Miki Tsusaka, Rainer Strack, Jennifer Garcia-Alonso, Diana Dosik, Julie Kilmann
  • New BCG research shows that companies are failing to engage their employees and managers—particularly senior-level women. Disengagement hurts overall financial performance, and it causes some women to step off the leadership track for good. To fix this gender gap, companies must rewrite some rules.
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  • Article
  • 17. Oktober 2016
  • Choosing the Right Shared Services Location: Let HR Be Your Guide
  • Reinhard Messenböck, Jens Jahn, Gregor Gossy, Michael Lutz
  • Key HR activities may be more critical to the success of a shared services center than any other factor. But companies tend to overlook these activities in the location selection process. The HR Effectiveness Index allows companies to prioritize and compare top contenders easily—and select wisely.
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