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  • Article
  • 10. März 2015
  • Taking Shared-Service Organizations to the Next Level: Five Capabilities to Drive Performance
  • Andrew Toma, Fabrice Roghé, Matthew Marchingo, Rashi Agarwal, Sebastian Kempf
  • At many companies, shared-service organizations are a dumping ground for support tasks that no one pays much attention to. This is a missed opportunity. SSOs can improve a company’s operational and financial performance, provided they focus on the right areas. According to the shared-service experts we surveyed, there are five main priorities.
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  • Report
  • 01. Dezember 2014
  • Creating People Advantage 2014-2015: How To Set Up Great HR Functions

  • Rainer Strack, Jean-Michel Caye, Thomas Gaissmaier, Christian Orglmeister, Eddy Tamboto, Carsten von der Linden, Sebastian Ullrich, Pieter Haen, Horacio Quirós, Jorge Jauregui
  • For this report, published in conjunction with the World Federation of People Management Associations, BCG surveyed business leaders worldwide to gauge current capabilities and future priorities across ten HR topics. By distilling a wealth of quantitative and qualitative data, we identified three common themes that characterize top-performing HR functions.
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  • Article
  • 21. November 2014
  • Women at the Top: Bridging the Leadership Gap
  • Marie-Helene Ben Samoun, Juliana Abreu
  • Gender equality is a critical twenty-first-century issue, and advancing the condition of women is a global necessity. At a conference in Brazil, women in politics and business discussed how to improve the participation and representation of women in the political, social, and economic arenas. 

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