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  • Focus
  • 25. September 2015
  • The Talent Revolution in Digital Marketing
  • Dominic Field, Jody Visser, Nicolas De Bellefonds
  • Research shows that companies do not have the digital-marketing capabilities necessary to engage consumers. The biggest gaps are in skills related to mobile and video, testing, and programmatic advertising. Companies need to transform their marketing functions and rewire learning and development programs.
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  • Report
  • 18. September 2015
  • Overcoming Asia’s Obstacles to Growth: How Leading Companies Are Reshaping Their Environment
  • Vincent Chin, Ranu Dayal, Michael Meyer, Christoph Nettesheim, Bernd Waltermann, Jing Ting Yong
  • Success in Asia’s emerging markets is critical to the future of most companies. But they are stymied by the region’s talent shortages, overstretched infrastructure, and uncertain regulatory environments. Asia’s most entrepreneurial companies are finding creative ways to navigate these constraints—and are capturing the biggest growth opportunities.
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  • Focus
  • 28. Juli 2015
  • How Retailers Can Improve Promotion Effectiveness: A Four-Part Approach to Generating Growth
  • Nicholas Goad, Jeff Robinson, Javier Anta Callersten, Andreas Malby, Jacob Opstrup
  • Brick-and-mortar retailers rely heavily on promotions, which can account for up to 45 percent of revenues. Yet companies often don’t know which promotions are working, or why. By implementing a four-part approach, retailers can improve promotion performance and increase their margins on promotions by 2 to 5 percentage points.
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