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  • Article
  • 22. Juli 2015
  • E&P Supplier Contracts: Where Does All the Value Go?
  • Jake Leslie Melville, Philip Whittaker, Pauwel Wiertsema
  • Many E&P companies suspect that there is considerable “value leakage” in their dealings with suppliers, but they don’t know where the problems lie or to what extent they are addressable. We surveyed a cross-section of suppliers for their insights on the issue. What we learned has deep implications for E&P companies.
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  • Article
  • 15. Juli 2015
  • When Fuels Compete: The Evolving Dynamic of Global Energy Markets
  • Christophe Brognaux, Nicholas Ward
  • The segregated structure of energy markets is changing, creating an increasingly dynamic and unpredictable outlook and intensifying competition among energy sources for particular end uses. Industry participants, investors, and regulators must understand their exposure to a variety of potential scenarios, each of which could have significant implications on sources of competitive advantage, capital allocation, and regulation.
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  • Article
  • 14. Juli 2015
  • A Golden Period for Asset-Backed Trading: Time to Reconsider Oil Supply and Marketing
  • Eric Boudier, Sönke Lorenz, Iván Martén
  • For integrated oil companies, asset-backed trading can be a powerful source of competitive advantage, especially in today’s oil-price environment. Trading can create additional revenues, stabilize portfolio returns, and increase a company’s responsiveness to market opportunities. Companies that are underemphasizing it could be shortchanging themselves. 

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