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  • Article
  • 09. Oktober 2014
  • The Ongoing Rise of Shale Gas: The Largest Revolution the Energy Landscape Has Seen in Two Decades
  • The shale gas revolution has already transformed the U.S. natural-gas market and the energy landscape broadly—and its reach promises to expand considerably as growing numbers of countries seek to exploit the shale reserves within their borders. This collection of articles examines the phenomenon through several lenses.  

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  • Article
  • 26. September 2014
  • Managing in Turbulent Times: Europe’s Power-Generation Market
  • Christophe Brognaux, Patrick Herhold
  • In Europe, structurally flawed energy policies have distorted pricing and created dysfunctional markets that are unlikely to be fixed in a holistic manner. BCG explains why companies in the power sector must rethink their business models and portfolios and be prepared for further regulatory changes.
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  • Report
  • 25. September 2014
  • Germany’s Energiewende: The End of Power Market Liberalization?
  • Philipp Gerbert, Harald Rubner, Patrick Herhold, Bjarne Steffen
  • Germany’s ongoing transformation of its power sector has yielded notable successes but also encountered challenges. Power prices have risen, financial stresses on the country’s major power producers are mounting, and the government is progressively reinserting itself in the management of the power market. What are the implications for Germany and Europe?
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