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  • 02. Juli 2014
  • Making Big Data Work: Retail Energy
  • Jon Brock, Stephan Lehrke, Tamim Saleh, Nadjia Yousif
  • The smart home is creating major opportunities for retail energy providers, enabling them to tap into an explosion of big data. But which projects can fuel growth right away? We see three opportunities that offer high potential for generating a significant increase in revenues and profits in the near term.
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  • Article
  • 16. Juni 2014
  • A Realistic View of CNG Vehicles in the U.S.
  • Rohan Nath, Guillaume Aubert, Alex Dewar
  • With the rise in U.S. natural-gas production, CNG vehicles are receiving a lot of attention. But the benefits have not always lived up to the publicity. Rather than being a revolutionary transportation solution, these vehicles are likely to become an important niche market for specific industries. BCG examines the benefits and shortcomings of this emerging market.

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  • Article
  • 28. Mai 2014
  • The Energy Efficiency Opportunity: Winning Strategies for a High-Growth Market
  • Jens Burchardt, Gunar Hering, Frank Klose, Jannis Koehn, Joao Maciel, Nikolai Meures, Holger Rubel
  • The energy efficiency industry is poised for an extended period of double-digit growth—but prospects vary significantly by country and by market segment. For market participants, this places a premium on the right strategy, positioning, and execution.
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