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  • Article
  • 16. April 2014
  • Seizing the Opportunity in U.S. Petrochemicals
  • Rohan Nath, Clint Follette, Adam Rothman
  • The U.S. petrochemical market’s resurgence is creating sizable opportunities. But the prize will not be easy to win, especially for the substantial number of companies and investors, both U.S. based and foreign, that are new to the market or have had a limited presence historically.
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  • Focus
  • 09. April 2014
  • The Promise of Mexico’s Energy Reforms
  • Eduardo León, Iván Martén, Raul Livas, Marcelo Mereles
  • After decades of stagnation, Mexico is finally opening up its state-controlled energy sector to private investment. Newly enacted constitutional reforms are creating a historic opportunity for companies to tap into abundant oil and gas resources—and to modernize creaky energy infrastructure. For first movers, the door is now ajar.

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  • Article
  • 10. März 2014
  • The Economic Case for Revitalizing the Baltic Sea
  • Fredrik Lind, Nina Källström
  • Three key problems—eutrophication, contamination, and overfishing—are at the core of the Baltic Sea's environmental challenges. The strong projected growth of the region will only place more demands on the sea’s limited resources unless recommended actions are taken to address the problems and restore the waters to health.
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