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  • 21. Juni 2016
  • Bridging the Trust Gap: The Hidden Landmine in Big Data
  • John Rose, Frederik Lang, Alexander Lawrence
  • “Data misuse” represents a previously hidden obstacle to successfully unleashing the trillion-dollar opportunity of big data. Consumers’ reaction to data misuse can lead them to reduce their spending by about a third.
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  • Article
  • 10. Juni 2016
  • How Governments Can Get Technology Transformations Right
  • Joost de Kock, Andrew Arcuri, Florian Frey, Danny Werfel
  • Governments around the world are grappling with the need to modernize the core systems, or IT backbone, that support their services and operations. But modernization efforts often yield mediocre or poor results. BCG has identified six steps that can produce great core-systems overhauls and transform how government operates.
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  • Article
  • 11. Mai 2016
  • Internet for All
  • Wolfgang Bock, Hans Kuipers, Maikel Wilms, Michael Garabet
  • Some 4 billion people—more than 55% of the world’s population—are not online. A new report by the World Economic Forum, prepared in collaboration with BCG, shows that significant progress has been made since this “digital divide” first became apparent. But the problem is big, complex, and multidimensional, and there is much more to do.
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