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  • Report
  • 02. Juli 2014
  • The Global Workforce Crisis: $10 Trillion at Risk
  • Rainer Strack, Jens Baier, Matthew Marchingo, Shailesh Sharda
  • Between now and 2030, major imbalances in the supply and demand of labor threaten 25 of the world’s major economies. An estimated $10 trillion of GDP could be squandered because of worker shortages and surpluses. Here are BCG’s projections—country by country—along with proposed remedies.

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  • Report
  • 24. September 2013
  • Global Payments 2013: Getting Business Models and Execution Right
  • Stefan Dab, Mohammed Badi, Gero Freudenstein, Deepak Goyal, Alenka Grealish, Pedro Rapallo, Carl Rutstein, Olivier Sampieri, Tjun Tang
  • BCG’s eleventh study of the global payments business offers an overview of the industry landscape as well as detailed examinations of specific high-stakes topics. In today’s hypercompetitive “new new normal” environment, five years after the depths of the global financial crisis, few institutions can afford to maintain the status quo.
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  • Report
  • 30. Mai 2013
  • Global Wealth 2013: Maintaining Momentum in a Complex World
  • Brent Beardsley, Jorge Becerra, Bruce Holley, Daniel Kessler, Matthias Naumann, Tjun Tang, Anna Zakrzewski
  • BCG’s thirteenth annual report on the global wealth-management industry explores the current size of the market, the state of offshore banking, and the performance of leading institutions. It also examines key industry trends and outlines the steps that wealth managers must take to position themselves optimally.
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